Defatted wheat germ powder

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What is defatted wheat germ powder? How is it produced?


Firstly we would like to introduce what is wheat germ. Wheat germ is one of the organs for wheat to germinate and grow. Account for 2.5% of the whole wheat grain, it is a kind of high protein,high VE,low heat,low fat,low cholesterol nutrition. Protect cell membrane,inhibit free radicals,promote human metabolism,delay aging,improve liver function. The benefits of the germ are not knownat first, they all gone with the brain,then with the improvement of extracting technology, it is separated from the brain,this is wheat germ.


How is defatted wheat germ powder produced?


Defatted wheat germ, oil comes out of wheat germ by subcritical extraction at low temperature.

Why using low temperature extraction, people may think conventional methods or press are good, however, what they do not know is many active matters are sensitive to temperature,high temperature will destroy the nutrition and active ingredients.Defatted wheat germ was milling by professional manufacturer, then it can be used in health care products,food,pharma,and baked foods. Now in China, only Kunhua Biological Technology defatted wheat germ powder production capacity achieve 80 tons/day.


Now we introduce the low temperature subcritical extraction production process, one is CO2 extraction, this extraction using high pressure and temperature,production costs high,production capacity is low, market price is higher.while subcritical extraction technology is different from CO2 extraction.its production costs are low, production capacity are high, selling prices are competitive in the markets.