Wheat Germ Oil for Cooking

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Edible: in terms of eating wheat germ oil nutrition can delay aging, avoid stroke, myocardial infarction, heart disease and emphysema and strengthen immune system and raise fertility.

The top content in wheat germ oil nutrition facts is natural vitamin e, whose functions of vitamin E are enormous, for instance, Antioxidant, slowing down the process of aging in human organs, anti-aging, improvement of human immunity, prevention of cancer or anticancer, promotion of blood circulation, prevention of infertility, premature birth and testicular atrophy, promotion of skin metabolism, Slowing down the process of pigmentation, protection of the skin moisture and maintenance of youth. Vitamin E in wheat germ oil nutrition enjoys high natural purity, containing the all types of vitamin E, namely, α、β、γ、δ. In those forms the content of α vitamin E is extremely high, being easy to be absorbed by human body and having the strongest activity.

There is over 50% of linoleic acid in wheat germ oil nutrition facts, reducing the concentration of blood lipid and lowering cholesterol levels, preventing atherosclerosis, hypertension and diabetes and adjusting the function of metabolism for human body to enhance the vitality. Furthermore, linoleic acid in wheat germ oil nutrition also can promote the growth and development of Suckling tissue cells and have assisted effect on heart disease, arteriosclerosis, obesity and diabetes. Gansu eight carbon alcohols is rich in biological activity which is needed for human body, contributing to increase physical strength, endurance and explosive force, to improve muscle strength, muscle function, reflectivity and flexibility.

It is good for human health that cooking with wheat germ oil.