Top 3 Oils for Reducing Stretch Marks

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Is your skin sporting stretch marks? Let’s find out how you can reduce those reddish or glossy streaks of silvery white on your abs, hips, thighs, buttocks, upper arms or lower back. This scarring causes low self-esteem in some. Don’t feel bad, it happens to over 50% of the population including teens and men, not just us women. Even models have stretch marks but with photo retouching and makeup you’d never know it.

Dry skin is more prone to stretch marks so it makes sense to moisturize your skin with nutrient-rich oils to improve this condition and keep it from getting worse. Unfortunately, oily skin is not completely immune to stretch mark real estate. Learn how to look better with the following 3 oils.

Stretch Mark Oil #1

Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil stimulates tissue regeneration and has wonderful antioxidant properties. It must be diluted with a carrier oil such as olive or sweet almond because of its high strength. It has a strong odor and is a bit sticky. Because it is rich in minerals, vitamins (especially vitamin E), and proteins, wheat germ oil is good for reducing wrinkles, eczema, psoriasis, and of course, scars and stretch marks.

Don’t blame yourself if you have stretch marks, blame genetics. Just do your part and apply either vitamin E oil, emu oil, or wheat germ oil for excellent stretch mark reducing effects. The best part is that they are 100% natural and highly effective for getting rid of your stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Oil #2

Pure Emu Oil

Another, and possibly better oil, is pure emu oil. It easily penetrates all the layers of the skin. (Stretch marks develop in the middle layer called the dermis.) Emu oil fades and removes scars and stretch marks. It is so effective it can be used on old scars.

Stretch Mark Oil #3

Vitamin E Oil

The most important vitamin for your skin’s health is E. Apply vitamin E oil daily or break open a capsule and apply its contents after your shower.

To go a step further, you can make your own stretch mark oil without paying a fortune and still get the same results. Mix and blend together 1/2 cup virgin olive oil, 1/4 cup non-commercial aloe vera, and the contents of 6 capsules of vitamin E and 4 capsules of vitamin A. Refrigerate and store in a covered jar. Apply it daily to minimize the appearance of the unpopular stretch marks.

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