Wheat Germ Oil for Cosmetic

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Beauty: Delaying the ageing of the skin because of its characteristics of resistance to free radicals; fading out fine lines, stretch marks and scars, increasing the moisture of the skin, improving skin conditions such as dry, water scarcity, aging and wrinkles and reducing the marks on the face left by the acne; suiting different kinds of skin; relieving the conditions of psoriasis and eczema and being used as (body) sunscreen.

Wheat germ oil is ideal beauty base oil, being regarded as edible cosmetics. It suits mature and aging skin the most as it can strengthen the connective tissue of the skin, promote blood circulation and maintain the skin elasticity. Besides, it can make scars caused by injuries or surgeries, marks of acne and spots fade away and improve the conditions of dry skin.

Being rich in Vitamin E, wheat germ oil is known as a natural antioxidant (preservative) which stabilizes essence and lasts longer. Hence, the retention time of essence can be extended to one or two months as long as a little bit of wheat germ oil is blended with. The refreshing time of tempered oil can be extended if it is mixed with other vegetable oil, preventing the deterioration of the mixed oil.

Wheat germ oil for skin care:

1﹚10ml wheat germ oil+2-5 drops lavender/ geranium / rosemary - suitable for neutral skin

2﹚10ml wheat germ oil+2-5 drops lavender/ geranium / bergamot/lemon - suitable for oily skin

3﹚10ml wheat germ oil+2-5 drops lavender/ geranium / cananga odorata - suitable for dry skin

4﹚10ml wheat germ oil+2-5 drops lavender/ geranium / rose/jasmine/ neroli /chamomile- suitable for sensitive skin

Wheat germ oil for aromatherapy:

1﹚10ml wheat germ oil+2-5 drops eucalyptus /lavender/ rosemary/basil / mint - treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

2﹚10ml wheat germ oil+2-5 drops lavender/ geranium / bergamot/lemon - treatment of varicose veins

3﹚10ml wheat germ oil+2-5 drops rosemary/ mint/sage/pine – relaxing muscles

4﹚10ml wheat germ oil+2-5 drops lavender/ chamomile/ rose/jasmine/ neroli- alleviation

5﹚10ml wheat germ oil+2-5 drops lavender/ rosemary/lemon/ grapefruit/geranium - losing weight

Wheat germ oil for hair care:

5ml wheat germ oil+3-4 drops lavender/ geranium - suitable for damaged hair

Wheat germ oil for bath maintenance:

adding 5 ml into bathtub to moisturize dry skin

1. Why do you say wheat germ oil enjoys a high purity of vitamin E?

(1) Containing all types of vitamin E: α、β、γ、δ

(2) The alpha vitamin E content is extremely high, which is easy to be absorbed by human body and having the strongest activity.

2. What are the main functions of wheat germ oil?

(1) Prevention of dark spots and pigmentation;

(2) Promotion of skin moisturizing function;

(3) Prevention of wrinkles and skin aging.

3. What’s the mechanism of wheat germ oil to erase spot and anti-wrinkle?

(1) Adjusting endocrine and restoring the skin function of pigment elimination and spots prevention;

(2) Promotion of skin metabolism;

(3) Vitamin E has antioxidant properties to reduce the generation of lipid peroxide and increase the moisturizing function.