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Who we are
KUNHUA BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD engaged in subcritical extraction technology at low temperature as well as natural products development and utilization in China. With the annual output of wheat germ oil of 2000 tons, the company has modern high-tech production equipment and facilities and modern product research and development institutions and quality inspection center which passed QS certification with the self-management import and export rights.
What is wheat germ oil?
Wheat germ oil stems from wheat germ which is the source of life of wheat. As per kilogram of wheat germ oil is extracted from the essence of ten-ton wheat, it has won the laudatory title of “diamond”in the oil. Among which linoleic acid accounts for 50-60%. It has the function of beauty and health care as it is rich in physiological active ingredients such as octacosanol and phytosterols.
Benefits of wheat germ oil
Wheat germ oil products are widely recognized by both domestic and foreign manufacturers and consumers as this kind of healthy wheat germ oil has a wide range of use, for example, softening of blood vessels, regulation of blood fat, anti-aging and beauty.
Our patent technology:
Subcritical fluid mainly consists of liquefied propane and butane. The boiling point of the solvent composition is mostly under 0 ℃, boiling point of propane is 42.07 ℃, boiling point of butane is 0.5 ℃. Its form differs under different conditions, such as gas for normal pressure, liquid for after pressure.
The advantages of subcritical extraction technology at low temperature
(1) The meal quality is good after being pulped, the invariance rate of water-soluble protein is greater than 95%, meal in the residual oil is less than 1%, the residual solvent is less than 50 PPM;
(2) Low solvent consumption, tons of material consumption is less than 6 kg;
(3) 90 ℃hot water is needed instead of steam, relatively 70% heat energy can be saved in using number six solvent;
(4) pollution free, environmental protection engineering;
(5) the color of extraction oil is light, low content of lecithin, residual solvent is less than 1 PPM;

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