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Wheat germ oil of health care product:

Wheat germ oil stems from wheat germ which is the source of life of wheat. As per kilogram of wheat germ oil is extracted from the essence of ten-ton wheat, it has won the laudatory title of "diamond" in the oil. Among which linoleic acid accounts for 50-60%. It has the function of beauty and health care as it is rich in physiological active ingredients such as octacosanol and phytosterols.

Health benefits of wheat germ oil:

1. The natural vitamin e in wheat germ oil is at the top of the vegetable oil and its physiological activity is one of the highest. Vitamin e can not only act as Antioxidant but keep the heart artery tubular vitality. It also possesses some other functions, for example, promotion of the skin metabolism, prevention of the pigmentation, improvement of skin elasticity and delay of senescence.

2. Over 80% of wheat germ oil is unsaturated fatty acids. Among which linoleic acid and linolenic acid account for 50-60% and 5—10% respectively. It works well on reducing the cholesterol in the blood, promoting blood circulation, Preventing diabetes and myocardial infarction, reducing hematic fat, blood pressure and thrombosis and inhibiting platelet aggregation.

3. Wheat germ oil health benefits are rich in octacosanol and it has a variety of physiological activity which is needed for body:

(1) Increase of endurance, energy and physical strength.

(2) Improvement of muscle strength (muscle function),Improvement of muscle pain and reduce of friction.

(3) Shortening of the muscle reaction time and improvement of the reaction acumen.

(4) Strengthening of the heart muscle.

(5) Increase of the basal metabolic rate.

(6) Increase of the resistance of altitude reaction.

(7) Reduce of systolic blood pressure.

(8) Improvement of oxygen delivery and reduce of oxygen demand.

(9) Octacosanol can speed up the formation of calcitonin and be used to treat hypercalcemia of osteoporosis, high cholesterol and lipoprotein blood type and stimulate the sexual behavior of animals and human.

(10) The cosmetics containing octacosanol can promote skin blood circulation and activate cells, diminishing inflammation, preventing and treating skin diseases (such as beriberi, eczema, itching, acne) etc.

4. Wheat germ oil health benefits have a wide range of use. For instance, adjustment of internal secretion, prevention of menstrual disorders; Moist of skin, prevention of dry skin and eye wrinkles; Anti-aging, prevention of sexual recession disease; Hair care, improvement of the conditions of hair such as gloss, dry, easy to break and to fall off.