How Do You Store Wheat Germ Oil

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Derived from the buds of wheat seeds, Wheat germ oil takes the most valuable nutrients needed by plants in growing. It is light yellow transparent oily liquid with a faint fragrance of wheat germ. As a member of linoleic acid oil, it is an ideal natural antioxidant with rich vitamin E.

It is also a good natural preservative to keep other carrier oils from becoming rancid. Just add 5% - 10% wheat germ oil to other carrier oils, and the shelf lives of them can be extended by one or two months. However, its high viscosity requires that it be mixed together with other carrier oils with higher fluidity.

Storage of Wheat germ oil

1. The shelf life of the carrier oil is indefinite. It is perishable in air, so don't add too much essential oil in the carrier oil. Please add moderately based on your needs instead, to avoid rancidity of carrier oil and loss of essential oil.

2. Please keep it in a cool place with no direct exposure to light. Seal to preserve it after opening.

3. The optimum storage temperature is 20 - 25 ℃, which can extend the life of carrier oils.