wheat germ oil benefits for hair

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Wheat germ oil is rich in fatty acids,this makes it a perfect natural hair conditioner.

Wheat germ oil protects the hair ends from over drying in cold temperature. Dry hair splits very easily and becomes unmanageable. Wheat germ oil makes it soft and strong.

Kunhua Wheat germ oil contains essential fatty acids that play a vital role in cell growth in the body. It also contains vitamin E that aids in hair growth by stimulating the growth of capillaries. More capillaries mean increased blood circulation. As a result, hair follicles gets proper nutrition that helps in faster growth and this also prevents hair loss.

The fatty acids in Kunhua wheat germ oil are a perfect remedy for damaged hair.  like stress, pollution and dandruff can cause hair dryness and make it fragile. The emollient properties of the essential fatty acids lock moisture inside the hair stem or shaft. The ceramid are like cementing substance that bind scales of cuticle together and are made of fatty acids. Wheat germ oil strengthens the ceramids and helps to protect the hair from damage.

Kunhua Wheat germ oil contains B vitamins that aid in cell regeneration.