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Is wheat germ oil good for your skin?

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Is wheat germ oil good for your skin? Benefits of wheat germ oil for skin.

1. Why wheat germ oil is high-purity vitamin E?
  •  It contains full-valence vitamin E, i.e. all 4 types of α, β, γ, and δ
  •  α has the highest amount of vitamin E. It is most active and easy for human body to absorb.
 2. What is wheat germ oil good for skin care?
  • To prevent dark spots and pigmentation;
  • To promote skin moisturizing, making the skin moist;
  • To prevent skin from wrinkling and aging.
 3. What’s the mechanism of wheat germ oil for spot-eliminating and wrinkle-resisting?
  • By regulating the endocrine, it restores skin’s function of pigment excretion, and prevents stains from appearing;
  • It promotes skin metabolism, and helps on aging skin renewal;
  • Vitamin E has antioxidant effects, which can reduce lipid peroxidation, and increase moisturizing.
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