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How to use wheat germ oil for cooking?

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How to use wheat germ oil for cooking?

If you have wheat germ oil, you can use it in food. You should not use it as frying oil though. Wheat germ oil will lose its nutrients when it is heated. Use wheat germ oil instead of olive oil to make salad dressings and pasta sauces. You can also use it in place vegetable in baking. The oil will add more protein and vitamins A, D and E to your food.

How to use wheat germ oil for cookingInstructions:

1. Take some wheat germ oils from a jar and drizzle it on top of a pasta or vegetable dish. Wheat germ oil has a strong taste, but it is an easy way to add flavor and nutrition to any dish.

2. Mix wheat germ oil with cheeses and other vegetables to create a healthy salad. It will add additional, much needed nutrients to your meal.

3. Add wheat germ oil to any bread, muffin or cookie batter. A small amount can add nutritional value to each item.

4. Replace olive or vegetable oil with wheat germ oil in any dish that calls for vegetable or olive oil.

5. Keep wheat germ oil in cool temperature. Cooking wheat germ oil depletes it of it's nutritional value. It is not recommended as a cooking oil since heat destroys much of its nutritional and therapeutic benefits.  Instead, add it to your dressing for cold vegetable or pasta salads.  It can be mixed with juice, smoothies, yogurt, or drizzled over your oatmeal or breakfast cereal.

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